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Art Of Noise

Art of Noise, were an avant-garde synthpop group formed in 1983 by producer Trevor Horn, music journalist Paul Morley, and session musicians/studio hands Anne Dudley, J.J. Jeczalik, and Gary Langan. The group's mostly instrumental compositions were novel melodic sound collages based on digital sampler technology, which was new at the time. Inspired by turn-of-the-century revolutions in music, the Art of Noise were initially packaged as a faceless anti- or non-group, blurring the distinction between the art and its creators. The band is noted for innovative use of electronics and computers in pop music and particularly for innovative use of sampling.
Samples—some borrowed from other pieces of music, but most coming from original sources—were bathed in reverb to mask the early sampler's low fidelity (or to give a "concert hall" acoustic effect). In the studio, these sounds were then assembled into various instrumental arrangements and sound collages. At first, this was done with very little input from musicians "playing" instruments as they would in a typical band, but later works introduced traditional instruments as well.

Into Battle with the Art of Noise EP (1983)
Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise? (1984)
In Visible Silence (1986)
In No Sense? Nonsense! (1987)
Below the Waste (1989)
The Seduction of Claude Debussy (1999)

but this is remixed album from 1988:

some videos:

check out that syth bass - sound it was from a horror movie!!

this one ya all know...

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