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Paul Hardcastle`s 90s

Hardcastle also remained active as a composer, writing original scores for several films and television projects, including a new theme song for the British TV series Top of the Pops and Spiceworld the movie.

In the 1990s Hardcastle reinvented himself musically and took another stab at forming his own label, Fast Forward Records, on which he released the single Swing under the name the Def Boys. That record eventually reached the Billboard Top five, and was a major hit in Europe.

The first step in this new career phase came in 1990, with the release of an album on Motown by his new group Kiss the Sky. Next, Hardcastle collaborated with his old cohort Helen Rogers and with saxophonist Gary Barnacle, who had recorded with the likes of Tina Turner, Elvis Costello, and Phil Collins, to form The Jazzmasters. The trio released the album Jazzmasters on the independent JVC label in 1993, and it quickly gained substantial airplay on both contemporary jazz and R&B radio stations. The video for one of the album's songs, Sound of Summer, also saw much exposure on VH-1. Jazzmasters eventually spent more than a year hovering near the top of the Contemporary Jazz Albums charts.

Jazzmaster series:

01 Sound of Summer
02 Blue Days
03 Northern Lights
04 Really Miss Your Love
05 Heaven
06 Lost Summer
07 Body Heat
08 Without Love
09 Heart of Space
10 Strollin'
11 Blowin' Free
12 See You In July

01 Do You Remember
02 Wonderland
03 Walkin To Freedom
04 Summer Rain
05 Smooth Groove
06 Good Lovin'
07 Slomotion
08 Just Can't Understand
09 Time To Move On
10 So Much In Love
11 Inner Change
12 Can You Hear Me?

01 London In Springtime
02 Lost In Space
03 Ventura Highway
04 Nightcrawler
05 Don't Let It Get You Down
06 Starchild
07 Dreams
08 Trippin' Rhythm
09 New Dawn
10 Down So Low
11 Red Zone
12 Still Thinking
13 London Chimes

1.Valley of the Harps (4:02)
2.Feeling Blue (4:36)
3.Visions of Illusion (3:48)
4.Lifetime (4:36)
5.Puerto Banus (3:46)
6.Time 4 Living (3:59)
7.Signs of Life (Still Searching) (4:31)
8.Emerald Stardust (4:39)
9.Voice of the Angels (3:19)
10.Quiet Groove (3:36)
11.Valley of the Harps (Reprise) (1:48)
12.How Long (Before We Get It Right) (4:16)
13.If You Knew (5:07)

01. Never Far Away
02. Chime
03. Children of the Ghetto
04. Free As The Wind
05. The Sun Says Goodbye
06. Garden of Eden
07. Moon Trekkin'
08. Untold Story
09. Live For The Dream
10. World In Action
11. Fate Into The Night

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Paul Hardcastle 80s

The 80s – think n’n’n’n’n’ nineteen (19), Rainforest and the synthesizer…

From his dance club hits of the mid-1980s through to his current popularity among adult contemporary jazz listeners, Hardcastle has maintained an intentionally low profile, while at the same time exhibiting a level of technical wizardry--both at the keyboard and at the studio console--that has produced numerous hits for himself and for others.

His love of sound equipment eventually led to a job as a stereo salesman. In 1980 Hardcastle acquired his first synthesizer. He quickly landed a spot as keyboard player for the band Direct Drive, effectively ending his career in sales. With Direct Drive, Hardcastle got his first taste of dance club success, scoring a handful of minor hits on the British underground dance scene Hardcastle joined forces with vocalist Derek Green to form the funk band First Light in 1982.

After watching Vietnam Requiem, a television documentary about the Vietnam War, Hardcastle was deeply moved by the fact that the average age of a U.S. soldier in that conflict was 19, compared to 26 during World War II. The program inspired him to create his biggest hit, 19, which made use of samples from the documentary's soundtrack, though well-doctored with all manner of electronic effects and scratch techniques. 19 rocketed to number one on the British charts, and also reached the top spot in 13 different countries selling 4 million copies

Hardcastle enjoyed several further hits in the UK, including "Don't Waste My Time" (with vocals by Carol Kenyon) (UK #8) and the now-classic "The Wizard", a UK #15 hit that became the theme tune from BBC Television's Top of the Pops. He also had a hit with "Just For Money", which reached #19 in the UK. Earlier, he had cut a cover version of D-Train's most influential hit "You're the One For Me", segued with his own compositions "Daybreak" and "A.M." Hardcastle also wrote the theme tune for Saturday Live, a popular entertainment show which ran from 1985-1987. He also made the hit single "the voyager", which was used for the BBC one program Holiday.

After 1986, Hardcastle started to specialise in television soundtracks and remix work, for artists as such as Five Star, Barry White, Third World, Sinitta, Johnny Logan, Hiroshima and Ian Dury.

here are some video exsamples of thar era:

complete discography of the 80s:
1984 Daybreak
1985 Zero One
1985 Paul Hardcastle
1988 No Winners
1990 Sound Syndicate
1992 Kiss the Sky
1993 The Definitive
1997 First Light
2003 The Very Best of Paul Hardcastle 1983-2003