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Shakatak weekend

Shakatak scored a number of chart entries, including two Top Ten hits in the UK Singles Chart, "Night Birds" (1982) and "Down on the Street" (1984).
From their first release in August 1980, (the Bill Sharpe composition "Steppin'" on the Polydor record label), and their first album, Drivin' Hard, the band's singles and albums have entered the charts fairly regularly.
Two more albums – Invitations and Out of This World – were recorded in 1982 and 1983, resulting in several more chart hits, and paving the way for the next major breakthrough in the band's career. With a subtle change in musical direction, yet still retaining the band's identity, Jill Saward (formerly of Fusion Orchestra, Brandy and Citizen Gang) became their lead singer to make Shakatak's fifth album, Down on the Street. The resulting single releases "Down on the Street" and "Watching You" had some success, and brought them attention in new parts of the world. The following year saw the release of the group's first live album, which was recorded in both Tokyo and London.

However, following this success the band felt it was time that they re-directed their efforts back to singles, and an album for release to the rest of the world. The result was Something Special, closely followed by the night club and chart hit "Mr Manic & Sister Cool" from their next LP, Manic and Cool. In the 1990s the band had great success in the U.S. when they had two albums that went to No 1 in the contemporary jazz charts and were also awarded the Japanese grammy for best international instrumental album six years running. Since 2000 the band has continued to record and tour the world.

[edit] Albums
1981: Drivin' Hard
1982: Night Birds
1982: Invitations
1983: Out of This World
1984: Down on the Street
1984: Shakatak Live in Japan(live)
1985: Live! (February 1985) (live)
1985: Day by Day/City Rhythm
1986: Into the Blue
1987: Golden Wings
1987: Never Stop Your Love
1988: Manic and Cool
1988: Da Makani
1988: Coolest Cuts
1988: The Very Best of Shakatak
1989: Nightflite
1989: Turn the Music Up
1990: Fiesta
1990: Greatest Grooves
1990: Perfect Smile
1990: Night Moves
1991: Bitter Sweet
1991: Utopia
1991: Open Your Eyes
1991: The Remix Best Album
1992: Night Moves
1992: Christmas Dreams
1993: Street Level
1993: On the Street
1993: Under the Sun
1995: Full Circle
1996: Shakatak The Collection
1997: Let The Piano Play
1998: Live at Ronnie Scott's
1998: Shinin On
1998: Christmas Album
1998: Collection Vol. 1
1999: Jazz In The Night
1999: Magic
2000: Shakatak The Collection Vol 2
2001: Under Your Spell
2002: Dinner Jazz
2003: Blue Savannah
2005: Easier Said Than Done (live)
2006: Beautiful Day
2007: Emotionally Blue
2009: " Afterglow"

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